Healthy with Morning Bath

Healthy with Morning Bath
Bathing is one way that we can use to restore our freshness. A solid routine daily demands that we continually active and productive. For this, needed a fresh condition and prime the body so that we can run various activities throughout the day. One of the ways you can do to make the body become more fresh and stay fit is to shower in the morning. Bathing is an activity that is very useful and has many benefits for the health of the human body.

According to some research morning shower with cold water has several benefits. custom shower in the morning turned out very useful for human health. The following are 7 benefits of bathing in the morning with cold water to keep in mind:

1. Shower in the morning can improve blood circulation.
According to the research results can shower in the morning blood circulation. so the body will be fresh and fit.

2. Morning shower with cold water can increase white blood cells.
morning shower with cold water can increase white blood cells in the body. increased white blood cells, can increase endurance and the ability of the body against viruses that enter the body. body will be primed and not get sick because the immune system properly maintained.

3. Morning shower with cold water can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
morning shower with cold water can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, varicose veins and hardening of blood vessels. morning shower with cold water to the blood circulation to the organs in the body.

4. Morning shower with cold water can increase the fertility of human reproduction.
shower in the morning can increase the hormone testosterone in men and estrogen in women. consequently, fertility and sexual desire will increase.

5. Shower in the morning improve the health of body tissues.
morning shower with cold water can make the skin tissue is getting better, no dry skin, and skin becomes more supple. morning shower with cold water can reduce blemishes and dark circles on the bottom of the eye. so the freshness will face more emanated.

6. Morning shower with cold water can make hair healthier.
morning shower with cold water can make water to cover the hair cuticle, so mempu reduce hair loss. Hair to be protected from impurities which are usually attached to the scalp. Mendi morning can make the hair become healthier and stronger.

7. morning shower with cold water can relieve depression.
morning shower with cold water can make the body become refreshed. shower in the morning can make the soul to be quiet.

Sleeping and Resting Healthy

how to sleep

Here are some healthy habits that can promote healthy sleep habits:

1. Create a conducive environment
Remove objects such as radio and television from the bedroom. Room is a place to sleep, instead of watching television. People will easily fall asleep when the room is cooler than warmer. Therefore, create a cool room.

Turn off the lights, because the brain is easier to prepare the body to sleep in a dark room. Make sure the sheets are always clean. Pillows, bolsters and mattresses should also be comfortable so that we can sleep soundly.

2. Set sleep and wake times consistent
Everyone has a biological clock that records and tracks sleeping patterns. When the body has a regular sleep pattern, your brain will automatically send signals to the body to relax and go to sleep. The body will automatically wake up when it was enough to get a break.

3. Stay away from sleeping pills
Stay away from caffeine and nicotine at night because it can interfere with rest. Caffeine is a stimulant that activates the brain, while nicotine speeds up metabolism, so that your body is still energetic. Choose milk or hot chocolate before going to bed.

4. regular exercise
Avoid heavy exercise close to bedtime because it will increase body temperature keeps you awake. Ideally, exercise done 4-6 hours before going to bed. To stay healthy and sleep well, move your body 20 minutes a day.

5. Lower temperature
People tend to quickly fall asleep when the body temperature decreases. So, really hot bath before bed it does not accelerate.

6. Do not force yourself to sleep.
If you can not sleep, try to get out of the room and do something that in time they make you drowsy. For example watching television, reading, or listening to soft music. Immediately returned to the room when sleepiness begins to attack.