The Crown: Beautiful Hair MY HEALTH WAY: The Crown: Beautiful Hair

The Crown: Beautiful Hair

Everyone would want to have a healthy and beautiful hair. Healthy hair is a crown for the owner. many people are attracted to someone because of his hair is nice and interesting. every person proved to have unique and different ways of caring for her hair. and this is how I treat my hair. hopefully can inspire and make you who read this article become more diligent in caring for your hair.
  1. Wash your hair with shampoo regularly but not too often because it can interfere with hair moisture. Hair Hygiene can help smooth the blood circulation to the scalp. The hair is clean also helps reduce stress and help the metabolic network in order to keep growing and developing normally. Lice were not given a chance to live. Fragrant hair, clean and fresh.
  2. Select the right shampoo. in this case depends on a suitable shampoo for your hair.
  3. Think about the SELECT COMB. Hair health is closely related to the selection of the right comb. Comb the less good will easily cause hair damage or loss. Avoid buying nylon combs because the risk of causing the hair to break easily. Although it looks stylish, a comb made ​​of metal may also damage the hair. Do not forget to clean the brush from the rest of the hair that stuck. Wash with warm water until clean
  4. Cut hair regularly. In addition to keeping up appearances, short hair is also easier for parents to keep the hair clean. Hair cutting is also useful to the ends of the hair remain healthy, not branched, brittle, or dry. 
  5. Consumption of nutritious foods. Healthy hair needs nutrition and good nutrition from food. Lack of protein and vitamin intake can make hair fall out, dullness, redness, dandruff, and eventually fall out. Remember, vitamins and nutrients play a role in supporting the strength and health of hair. Vitamin B complex, for example, if the intake of less can lead to dull hair, dandruff are also mushrooming. While vitamin C can maintain the strength of the hair roots. Remember the roots of the hair plays a role in the overall hair health. Through akarlah, all nutrients are absorbed and distributed to the hair. Lack of iron is also the risk of hair loss. Sulfur substances also play a role in giving luster to the hair. The content of these nutrients can be found in fish, eggs, and others. While fat play a role in maintaining hair strength, in addition to hair luster.
  6. Tie the hair while sporting. Sport is very good for health. However, the activity is also potentially damage the hair. If the child's long hair, tie and flops over. Make sure that hair does not hinder movement and sight of children. The use of a headband or headband can also be a solution. In addition to more stylish look, the hair of children was more awake. When using a headdress or bandana, choose one that quickly absorb sweat so it does not accumulate on the scalp. Remember, the precipitate is dried sweat can damage the hair roots.
  7. Avoid direct sunlight and too long. The sun can damage the hair. That's why, when traveling in the hot sun, try wearing a hat or umbrella. Keep your hair protected from the sun.
  8. Wear a head covering while swimming. When swimming, wear hair coverings after wetting the hair entirely. Hair washing is finished swimming to remove chlorine attached to the hair. If possible wear without a rinse conditioner before you get into the pool.
  9. Be careful when drying wet hair. Dries with a towel could be the cause of hair damage. Rubbing wet hair with a towel to make the strands of hair tangled and easily entangled in the threads in the towel, so that interested and easily broken, damaged the cuticle, the hair and split ends. So, pat it wet hair with a towel, and then sorted according to the direction of hair growth. Indeed, this is rather time-consuming, but valuable for the hair.