Healthy with a slim body and ideal MY HEALTH WAY: Healthy with a slim body and ideal

Healthy with a slim body and ideal

Slim body
A healthy body will make us enjoy all the activities in our daily lives. The ideal body weight is a dream for both men and women. to achieve that there are some things that need our attention. Let's read further:

    1. Do not Leave Breakfast. Breakfast will build on and accelerate the body's metabolism. In addition to breakfast, your body will have enough power to indulge until noon. Any temptation to snack less.
    2. Eating Spicy Food. A study proves eating spicy foods can burn calories. 
    3. Stop Consumption of Processed Foods. Processed foods can ruin your efforts to maintain weight loss because they contain salt and preservatives
    4. Avoid Soda. Servings of soda contains 8 times the dose of sugar that will trigger your body weight back up.  
    5. Eat smaller meals and more frequency. To avoid snacking habits and overcome hunger before lunch, there is the trick, Eat more frequently but with smaller portions.
    6. Avoid foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Foods such as white flour containing foods such as bread, cakes and pasta.
    7. Body ideal
    8. Reduce Gas Producing Foods. Gas-producing foods can make your stomach bloated like bean sprouts, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, raisins and pears.