How to Clean Healthy Eyes

Most of us only know how to clean the face, but do not know about how to clean the eyes. Here is a safe way to clean the eyes:

1. Insert the cotton into a mixture of cucumber and potato juice. Put the cotton on eyelids for 15-20 minutes then wash with clean
2. For you have long lashes, put a cloth that has been given a bit of oil every night. In addition to making your eyelashes stay long, it also makes your eyes feel cold.

3. Then again tired, usually like the black marks arising under the eyes. To eliminate it: massage black marks under your eyes with coconut oil

4. To get a bright eye, flush your eyes with water that has been spiked with a little salt. But do not put it into the eye.

5. To maintain the freshness of your eyes, mix tomato juice with lemon juice and put it around the outside of your eye. After 30 minutes wash with warm water

6. To get rid of dark circles around the eyes. Place the cotton that has been dipped in cold milk and put on the eyelids with your eyes closed.

Better care rather than cure. Later when it might be rather difficult to treat despite modern treatments to the clinic. Good luck

Health and Keep Smile

Healthy by taking advantage of a smile:
1. A smile makes you more attractive.
people who smile a lot has appeal. people who are always smiling makes people around him comfortable and always happy. so people are always smiling have many friends.
2. Smiles change feelings
with a smile will turn sadness into happiness and feel better. according to the study, a smile can trick the body so that feelings change.
3. Smile is influence
when someone smiles will make the people around him becomes easy smile. and make people around him to be cheerful.
4. Smiles relieve stress
expression a smile can eliminate tired, bored, and sad. when you are stressed take time to smile. smile will make the mind becomes more clear.
5. A smile increases immunity
smile makes the immune system work better. so that more optimal immune function works when people are more rilaks. even in research, flu and cough can be lost with a smile.
6. Smiles lowers blood pressure
try checking your blood pressure when you smile. smile makes your blood pressure is lower.
7. Smiles release endorphins, a natural numbing, and serotonin
smile is a natural remedy. smile can produce hormones that are useful for health. these hormones function in controlling pain.
8. create a youthful smile
a smile can move a lot of facial muscles. consequently, facial muscles become trained and tidap you need to do a face lift.