The Healthy Nails MY HEALTH WAY: The Healthy Nails

The Healthy Nails

A healthy nail is sometimes we do not notice. whereas with healthy nails, will support the appearance of the fingers to make it look more beautiful. Healthy nails, indicates that someone is keeping the body clean.

However, some people who have the hard work, often do not care because their activities have made the nail is damaged. However, there are also people who are very concerned at all with nail care. Particularly that of women is arguably feminine or very concerned about the appearance, which may be issued for the cost of expensive treatments in order to nail her nails look beautiful.

Here are some ways that you can address to make your nails stay healthy and look beautiful, may be useful:

1. Create your nails moist, not dry, brittle or broken. Because it will make your nails look ugly.

2. If you want to add paint your nails, you can apply cream first on your nails to last a long time.

3. You better not do the paint on your nails, so you can grow healthy nails.

4. After you do the housework, like washing dishes, you can use the hand body rub into your hands so that you also hand smooth, apply on your nails also so subtle and not harsh on your nails occur.

5.Jangan biting your nails, your nails because it's a lot of germs that stick. Because the nail completely vulnerable, even if growing a bit long.

6. Do not use sharp objects to clean the nails, but you can use a nail brush to clean your nails fatherly.

7. Do not remove the polish with a sharp object, but you can clean it with liquid nail polish remover.

That's what you should do in order to polish her ​​nails healthy, beautiful and definitely not dirty your nails manicured. All women would want to have beautiful nails, but often a factor lazy to care for her. There needs to be able to take care of empty time with the routine. If you do not have time, to treat endiri, you can go once a month to the salon for your nails.