Caring for Foot Health MY HEALTH WAY: Caring for Foot Health

Caring for Foot Health

Foot Problems
Foot problems ex Legs, is perhaps one of the parts of our body that we often forget in terms of maintenance or we watch his health. In fact, from the feet is also often arise problems that interfere with the neglect of foot health, such as the soles of the feet which are cracked or even foot odor.

Here are some easy steps to maintaining healthy feet:
1. Perform periodic checks of the condition of the foot to see if there are changes in the feet. Note whether the nails thicken, or pale (which could indicate a fungus) and cracks or tear in the skin of the foot which is an indication of athlete's foot problem.
2. Clean regularly when the shower or bath. Do not forget to clean between the feet and nails and do not forget to dry.
3. Choose comfortable shoes, use shoe that fits and allows the foot to breathe.
4. Avoid the outdoors without shoes. Bare feet are more susceptible to injury and infection, so it remains secure with shod feet.
5. Change socks periodically, to avoid the appearance of fungi and bacteria that cause the appearance of foot odor.
6. Tell your health care health professional every time experiencing foot pain foot problems. If you have diabetes, schedule a check-up legs once a year.

By considering the tips above we will obtain a beautiful and healthy feet.