A healthy mouth MY HEALTH WAY: A healthy mouth

A healthy mouth

A healthy mouth and teeth become a benchmark of a person's overall health. Until now the awareness of people to care for teeth and oral health seriously is lacking. There have been many research results that prove that the presence of oral infections associated with heart disease and lung cancer, low birth weight, premature births and diabetes.

There are four factors that cause tooth decay are:
1. food, especially sugars and acids,
2. oral bacteria,
3. tooth sensitivity,
4. prolonged contact.

Materials that have been cooked starchy foods and sugars can be easily fermented by oral bacteria into acid compounds. Sucrose (cane sugar) is often called 'criminals' cause tooth decay (cavity) is an easily fermentable sugars to form a macromolecular sticky (sticky) who made the plaque can be glued to the teeth and prevents saliva (saliva) to wash the acids exist .

Here are five tips delivered to us more healthy mouth: 

1. Brush teeth thoroughly with a soft brush. Brushing your teeth means giving up of plaque (deposits of bacteria) of the teeth and the remains of food that can prevent tooth decay. Most people only brush their teeth for 45 seconds, try up to two minutes to completely clean your teeth and should be done after every meal.

2. Do not forget to brush your tongue. In addition to the teeth in the oral cavity, there are also other important organs of the tongue. The mouth contains many bacteria and some types of bacteria can grow on the tongue. In some people, the growth of bacteria that cause smelly breath.

3. Reduce eating light snacks. Food is fairly high sugar content, so the potential as food for the growth of oral bacteria. Within about 20 minutes after eating light snacks, the bacteria will produce compounds such as acetic acid, format, and lactate. that attack tooth enamel. Snacking means increasing the contact time with the acidic compound that exacerbating dental dental health. Gargling after snacking can help reduce food waste and dilute acid in the mouth.

4. Reduce or leave it soft drinks. Sugar in carbonated soft drinks can be a nutrient for the growth of bacteria in the mouth, as in a snack. Even if the composition of the drink without the sugar, the presence of citric and phosphoric acid to pH 2 (highly acidic), can erode tooth enamel and root.

5. Chewing gum (gum) which xylitol sweetener ingredient. Xylitol (C5H12O5) is a group of sugar alcohol in research over the last 25 years is proven to prevent dental caries / tooth decay. To reduce exposure (Expose) both sugars sucrose and glucose, especially from sugar-sugar products (candy), has now offered a sweetener naturally protective gear, which is xylitol. Xylitol is not metabolized by bacteria destroyer teeth, the acid compound is produced so that no tooth surface pH is maintained

To care for your teeth and mouth are actually very easy. You just need to brush your teeth after every meal, and clean the tongue regularly. Maintaining oral health is as important as maintaining a healthy body. If oral hygiene is not maintained properly, complications could arise not only lead to serious illness but also death. To always keep healthy teeth and mouth, because there are several other advantages that you can get:

 1. Increase confidence
Tooth or gum disease not only causes pain but also the smell of bad breath. If it happens, of course, your confidence will decline. By keeping your teeth and oral hygiene, you can avoid the diseases that trigger unpleasant aroma. Conditions of healthy teeth and mouth will not cause bad breath problem.

2. Reduce the risk of heart disease
Chronic inflammation that occurs in teeth and gums can lead to cardiovascular disease. For example, blood vessel blockage and stroke. Some studies also show that the condition of the teeth and mouth effect on heart health.

3. Keeping the Memory
Adults who develop gingivitis (swelling or bleeding of the gums), the results of the test her memory is worse than the condition of adult teeth and mouth healthy. This is according to the report "Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry." Not only affects the physical health, dental and oral conditions also affect one's memory. To prevent gingivitis, dental hygiene and gum look derta food you consume.

4. Help pregnant women give birth in time
A study addressing the women who experience tooth and gum problems during pregnancy, the risk of premature babies is high. Another risk is, even though the baby was born just in time can be less weight. Try during pregnancy, regularly check your gear to the doctor, especially if there is a serious problem.