A healthy ear MY HEALTH WAY: A healthy ear

A healthy ear

A healthy ear is one gift of God is worthy of thanks. to maintain healthy ears, just as thankful for the grace to hear the sound as a gift from God. Many people like to clean its ears at random just to get pleasure. However, if they get hurt can cause infections that may continue with deafness. This article needs to be examined so that we are hearing instrument durable and stay healthy.

The trick to maintaining healthy ears:

1. Do not clean the ears with cotton buds (if forced to, try to be careful)

2. Get used to chew food well, because chewing is the body's natural mechanism for removing impurities from the ear. Dirt that comes out by itself and rinsed in the bath.
Here are some suggestions to get a healthy ear, may be useful for you:

1. The outer ear is designed as a place that is easy to clean. Cotton swab that you normally use instead of cleaning function, but instead pushed the ear wax deeper. The best way is to use water and soap. Therefore, the ear itself will push the dirt out. In addition, you can also use olive oil to soften ear wax.

2. Do not worry about the discoloration of your earwax. Texture and color can be different for each person. Can be soft or hard, can be orange or brown. However, if it is green and thick, sign your ear infections. And it must be treated immediately.

3. Never scratch your ear when it itches. Itching can be caused by eczema or psoriasis. Immediately to the doctor to get treatment.

4. Each type of infection in the ear requiring treatment from a specialist. There are two types of infection, namely the outer ear and middle ear. To the outside generally occurs due to hit the dirty water. The ear becomes sore, swollen, or even purulent. Typically, treated with antibiotic drops. Meanwhile, for the center, can sometimes have a bad impact on the eardrum. Eardrum can rupture. Typically, patients were prescribed antibiotic tablets in addition to using prescription eye drops.

5. The pain comes not merely because your ears in trouble, but it could be because you are suffering from strep throat, neck or joint pain. But, when you feel pain in the ears, you should consult your doctor.

6. Your hearing could be reduced due to aging. However, if age is not the cause, immediately consult your doctor. Sudden hearing loss can be due to damage to hair cells.

7. Listening to music loudly and in a long time can damage the hair cells. As a result, your hearing was eventually reduced.

8. There are several things that can cause your hearing decreases. First, a slap in the ear that causes the eardrum perforated. Typically, the membrane will heal by itself within six weeks. But, the ears should remain dry so that the infection is not getting worse. In addition, punched in the ear while swimming also resulted in decreased hearing. Therefore, the water forced into the ear. Trauma and skull fractures are often damaging the inner ear. As a result, can reduce a person's hearing.

9. When traveling by plane was sometimes painful ear. To reduce the pain, you can close the ear nose and blowing gently. Or even sometimes be the solution evaporated.