Healthy Foods and Beverages Fat-burner

The following are foods and beverages that can burn fat and good for your diet:

1. Fresh fruit and vegetables. Water-soluble fiber derived from fruit and vegetables, plus the water content of the food makes this a good fat solvent. Eat lots of vegetables to lower your calories. Fruits, vegetables, salad, and legumes contain enzymes that break down fat in the intestine, thus preventing the fat absorbed by the body. Fruits, especially apples and albedo is a source of pectin which can limit the absorption of fat by the body's cells and force the body to bare their fat reserves.

2. Pure protein. Eating pure protein like fish and chicken breasts to remove fat and build muscle.

3. High calcium foods. High calcium foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and milk products other derivatives can break down the body's fat cells. Milk can also suppress appetite, thus preventing you eat a lot. But if you suffer from high cholesterol, should first consult this with your doctor. It is recommended you drink skim or lowfat milk if it intends to use for a diet.

4. Vitamin C. Vitamin C is plentiful in apples, oranges, cabbage, and broccoli can melt the fat so it can be removed from the body. Orange contains vitamin C which effectively lowers insulin levels and your weight. Levels of its high fiber makes the fruit of this is the fruit with the highest ranking on the list of foods that make full.

5. Garlic and garlic oil. Garlic and garlic oil can reduce body fat reserves.

6. Green tea. Green tea may speed up metabolism and helps accelerate the burning of fat in the body. Caffeine from green tea is very good for increasing metabolism and does not provide stimulation to the body. This drink also contains antioxidants that can drive away from cancer and heart disease.

7. Spicy red chilli and pepper. And spicy red chili peppers can speed up metabolism and help burn more calories.

8. Olive oil. Olive oil is a fat-burning and can lower cholesterol.

9. Appetizers. Eat soup and vegetables as appetizers and then eat the main menu. This is the best way to control your appetite during the day. Fiber also helps reduce calories and lose weight without feeling hungry. Soup not only serve as the opening of food, but also as a snack (snack). According to research at Penn State University, the pendiet who ate soup before lunch can reduce 100 calories per day. The best soup is the broth or tomato soup instead of cream soup, because of the higher calorie cream soups.

10. Soybeans and their products (tofu, tempeh, soy milk). Soybeans and their products contain lecithin which prevents cells accumulate too much fat and helps break down fat from the body.

11. Oatmeal. Oatmeal breakfast every morning was good for health. Fiber oatmeal including good carbs are consumed, lower cholesterol and provide satiety.

12. Brown rice and wheat. Brown rice or wheat with a bit of a process (rather than white bread, white pasta or white rice) contain lots of fiber. Our stomach feels full quickly speed up metabolism. Fiber is more difficult to destroy the body's metabolism so it last longer.

13. Eggs. Eggs are loaded with protein. Eating eggs for breakfast quite curb your appetite. Fried eggs are made with non-stick frying pan can make it crispy without much fat.

14. Dark chocolate 170 calories / ounce. Compounds in chocolate slows down digestion and makes you feel full longer.

15. Pine Nuts. The content of fatty acids in pine nuts are good for a healthy heart. Pine nuts increase the hormone that makes you feel full.

16. Cheese. Cheese with the content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) helps you feel full and burn more fat.

17. Potatoes. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates are often getting a bad reputation but resistant starch in the potatoes helps your body burn fat.

18. Water. Drink plenty of water so that food fat burners can work optimally. Drink plenty of water before meals can reduce the direct portion of your main meal. Water contains no calories, so it is not fattening. Drinking ice water will burn more calories than plain water because our bodies can not directly use the water temperature is too cold or too hot. If the temperature of the water we drink is too cold, the body will convert the water to body temperature according to temperature. This process takes a number of calories. Water is a natural hunger suppressant. Research has proven that water can accelerate the process of weight loss. Researchers in Germany found that people who go on a diet can speed up your metabolism by 30% by drinking 17 ounces of water.

19. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid): conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is commonly referred to as a same form of the essential fatty acid linoleic. Studies show that CLA can burn fat and increase muscle mass formation in the body-which is very good for those dieting. In addition, CLA also observed to increase milk production and increase insulin sensitivity for people with diabetes. CLA is a source of marine fish.

Besides losing weight, Woosey also states some additional benefits of eating a fat-burning, such as: lose belly fat, mengurasi hunger, making sleep better, eliminate cellulite, improve life expectancy, and prevent the risk of heart attacks, cholesterol, and high blood .

The Healthy Nails

A healthy nail is sometimes we do not notice. whereas with healthy nails, will support the appearance of the fingers to make it look more beautiful. Healthy nails, indicates that someone is keeping the body clean.

However, some people who have the hard work, often do not care because their activities have made the nail is damaged. However, there are also people who are very concerned at all with nail care. Particularly that of women is arguably feminine or very concerned about the appearance, which may be issued for the cost of expensive treatments in order to nail her nails look beautiful.

Here are some ways that you can address to make your nails stay healthy and look beautiful, may be useful:

1. Create your nails moist, not dry, brittle or broken. Because it will make your nails look ugly.

2. If you want to add paint your nails, you can apply cream first on your nails to last a long time.

3. You better not do the paint on your nails, so you can grow healthy nails.

4. After you do the housework, like washing dishes, you can use the hand body rub into your hands so that you also hand smooth, apply on your nails also so subtle and not harsh on your nails occur.

5.Jangan biting your nails, your nails because it's a lot of germs that stick. Because the nail completely vulnerable, even if growing a bit long.

6. Do not use sharp objects to clean the nails, but you can use a nail brush to clean your nails fatherly.

7. Do not remove the polish with a sharp object, but you can clean it with liquid nail polish remover.

That's what you should do in order to polish her ​​nails healthy, beautiful and definitely not dirty your nails manicured. All women would want to have beautiful nails, but often a factor lazy to care for her. There needs to be able to take care of empty time with the routine. If you do not have time, to treat endiri, you can go once a month to the salon for your nails.

A healthy ear

A healthy ear is one gift of God is worthy of thanks. to maintain healthy ears, just as thankful for the grace to hear the sound as a gift from God. Many people like to clean its ears at random just to get pleasure. However, if they get hurt can cause infections that may continue with deafness. This article needs to be examined so that we are hearing instrument durable and stay healthy.

The trick to maintaining healthy ears:

1. Do not clean the ears with cotton buds (if forced to, try to be careful)

2. Get used to chew food well, because chewing is the body's natural mechanism for removing impurities from the ear. Dirt that comes out by itself and rinsed in the bath.
Here are some suggestions to get a healthy ear, may be useful for you:

1. The outer ear is designed as a place that is easy to clean. Cotton swab that you normally use instead of cleaning function, but instead pushed the ear wax deeper. The best way is to use water and soap. Therefore, the ear itself will push the dirt out. In addition, you can also use olive oil to soften ear wax.

2. Do not worry about the discoloration of your earwax. Texture and color can be different for each person. Can be soft or hard, can be orange or brown. However, if it is green and thick, sign your ear infections. And it must be treated immediately.

3. Never scratch your ear when it itches. Itching can be caused by eczema or psoriasis. Immediately to the doctor to get treatment.

4. Each type of infection in the ear requiring treatment from a specialist. There are two types of infection, namely the outer ear and middle ear. To the outside generally occurs due to hit the dirty water. The ear becomes sore, swollen, or even purulent. Typically, treated with antibiotic drops. Meanwhile, for the center, can sometimes have a bad impact on the eardrum. Eardrum can rupture. Typically, patients were prescribed antibiotic tablets in addition to using prescription eye drops.

5. The pain comes not merely because your ears in trouble, but it could be because you are suffering from strep throat, neck or joint pain. But, when you feel pain in the ears, you should consult your doctor.

6. Your hearing could be reduced due to aging. However, if age is not the cause, immediately consult your doctor. Sudden hearing loss can be due to damage to hair cells.

7. Listening to music loudly and in a long time can damage the hair cells. As a result, your hearing was eventually reduced.

8. There are several things that can cause your hearing decreases. First, a slap in the ear that causes the eardrum perforated. Typically, the membrane will heal by itself within six weeks. But, the ears should remain dry so that the infection is not getting worse. In addition, punched in the ear while swimming also resulted in decreased hearing. Therefore, the water forced into the ear. Trauma and skull fractures are often damaging the inner ear. As a result, can reduce a person's hearing.

9. When traveling by plane was sometimes painful ear. To reduce the pain, you can close the ear nose and blowing gently. Or even sometimes be the solution evaporated.